Fully Financed Energy-As-A-Service in Emerging market

Creating more positive impact together with your capital

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Direct access to commercially viable renewable energy infrastructure investments.

All parties involved are thoroughly vetted via a decentralised KYC/AML global check.

Get real-time access anywhere in the world to your ROI earnings, withdrawal & financial reporting.

How It Works

Our specialists reviews each project for their technical & economical soundness including any environmental & social impacts before listing it on tribes.capital platform for funding.

tribes.capital platform gives diasporas and other crowd investors access to each renewable energy infrastructure campaign to enjoy triple bottom benefits: earning, social and environmental benefits.

Start earning once the energy infrastructure is generating electricity. You'll get access to real-time financial reports, operational data & flexible withdrawal of earnings

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By unlocking capital, we can supply affordable & available clean electricity for productive use to businesses. We support local entrepreneurs to bring their projects to financial close and create more employments

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Why it Matters

real-time & full control of your investment cents and the real impact on the go

medium-long term investment with possible tax incentives (consult you local tax & financial advisor)

thoroughly vetted risks & opportunities identified in other to eliminate any guess work.

enjoy triple bottom benefits: earn an income (5.5%-13% annuity), social and environmental impact.

We've reduced the funding gap to bring reliable & affordable sustainable energy to C&Is, Schools, Hospitals & Agribusinesses in emerging market.

Be notified when we launch our first project to displace petrol/diesel generators, encourages girls to pursue STEM subjects, reduce gender inequality gap and do good for the environment.

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rethink capital investing, fighting climatic change together

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Investing on tribes.capital includes danger, consisting of the loss of all of your capital, liquidity (the inability to offer assets promptly or without considerable loss in worth), and it ought to be done just as part of a diversified portfolio. Never ever invest more than you can pay for to shed as well as never ever make financial investment with borrowed monies.

Investment possibilities on this system are targeted entirely at capitalists that comprehend these threats and also for whom such investments appropriate. Tribes Capital does not provide financial investment guidance or recommendations concerning financial investment chances, and any type of investment choice should be made only on the basis of every one of the details offered by the provider for that investment possibility, including (without restriction) the appropriate "Project Document (PD)" that is readily available to members of the system.

Please read the risk area of our site to learn more about the threats related to the projects available on this system. Tribes Capital marketplace platform is fuelled by blockchain technology, open and transparent with public protocol with the aim of removing non-trust between the energy consumers and our Global Impact Funders ("crowd-investors").

The sustainable energy infrastructure projects on tribes.capital marketplace are not a deal to the general public in any kind of jurisdiction and are readily available only to registered members of the system that have actually been accredited through our Know-You-Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundry (AML) global compliance. Anyone who wishes to check out these investment possibilities should initially please satisfy that they are qualified to do so under the securities legislation of their country of resident as well as appropriate guiding laws.

Crowd-investors should do their own due diligence and are encourage to consult with their financial advisor, attorney, accountant or other professional that can help investor to understand and assess the risks associated with any investment opportunities with Tribes Capital.

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