Digitally Transforming Renewable Energy in Nigeria

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Blockchain has actually been labelled the solitary crucial advancement given that the advent of the web and also lots of foresee that this information innovation can change the method company is performed.

There is a digital transfer of details possible on a decentralized network, blockchain makes a transfer of properties feasible by providing a decentralized database to tape-record purchases.

Is there an application use of blockchain in Nigeria’s renewable energy power sector or electricity industry?

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Blockchain technology is best recognized to provide recordkeeping for cryptocurrency, for instance, Etherum or Bitcoin, yet other possible usages go a lot further as blockchains can save a range of documents consisting of repayment transactions, sales records, acquisition history, corporate accounts, retail rates history in addition to future adjustments to prices.

This is the journey the team at Tribes Capital is taking you on as we aim to reduce the barrier to renewable energy generating asset ownership for businesses in Africa Sub-Sahara countries.

As an electricity provider partner in other to increase your profitability, pass some saving to your consumer and elevate your brand image in your operating industries.

Blockchain is an enabler for Tribes Capital as a marketplace where anybody, anywhere in the world could participate and invest in impactful commercial projects.

We use this open and transparent platform to connect renewable energy equipment manufacturers, impactful project entrepreneurs, impact investors, NGOs and local supply chain to energy consumers and projects.

We generate returns for all our crowd investors as they invest in ethical and projects that are fighting climate change. Read More

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